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Présentation de projets de recherche sur les dynamiques marseillaises à l’IMéRA

Le jeudi 10 mai, deux résidents de l’IMéRA (l’artiste Peter Richards et le physicien Bruno Giorgini) travaillant sur les dynamiques marseillaises, présenteront leurs projets de recherche.

Présentation par l’organisateur :
9h30 : Présentation de son projet de recherche par Bruno Giorgini, physicien, chercheur (CIG Bologna University et Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)

Complexcity From Venezia to Marseille

Aggregate of beings that hold their biological history into its borders and model it within all their intentions proper to thinking creatures, the city results at the same time by the biological generation, the organic evolution, and the aesthetics creativity. The city is contemporary a natural object and a subject of culture ». From these words of Claude Levi Strauss clearly emerges the complexity of every urban system. The scientific question is how we can study, understand and describe this complexity. The main idea is that observing and modelling the citizens mobility we can argue some features of the social urban dynamics, which is in principle unobservable. Choosing Venezia as case study we have defined a dynamics essentially based on a chronotopic network structure on which are moving the individuals’ modelled as intelligent « atoms » (automata). More precisely essentially we have two coupled dynamics, a physical one defined by quasi elastic collisions, and a cognitive one. Now we can ask if the Marseille complexity can be shaped with the same tools, methods and concepts, or if we need a different conceptual framework, a sort of second step in the complexity scale. Considering that in Marseille a strong urban dynamics is  between inclusion and exclusion, that we identify as a dynamics between ghettos and agoras, the beginning of our IMèRA investigation has been not the simple chronotopoi metric but the agoras, where we observe the internal dynamics and after Mariateresa Sartori trace the  individual trajectories, which become our observables. Moreover we choose the test particles of the system, i.e. some « intelligent » atoms considered by the observers significant in order to reveal the system properties. Finally we would understand if we can speak of agora network, and how we can build up it, and as we could model the inclusion- exclusion urban dynamics.

11h00 : Présentation de son projet de recherche par Peter Richards, artiste (Exploratorium de San Francisco).

Intersections : Land, Water & Culture 

Using a methodology entitled « Invisible Dynamics:  the Art and Science of a Sense of Place », developed at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, Sue Richards and I have been developing a concept and design for a public artwork to be located at Hopital Caroline on the Frioul Archipelago in Marseille Bay.   We are working with Ecole du Paysage Versailles, Naturoscope, Domaine du Rayol, Conservatoire Botanique National Méditerranéen de Porquerolles, Parc Maritime des Iles du Frioul, Ville du Marseille and Createurs du Lieu.  The intention of this work, in the form of a garden, will be to examine the relationship between human activity, land use, and the natural processes of restoration.   A second site, along the shoreline below Palais du Pharo, is also being investigated.  At the same time, we are working with IMéRA and Ville du Marseille in organizing the third annual workshop based on the theme of Invisible Dynamics.

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Jeudi 10 mai 2012, de 9h30 à 12h30
Lieu : IMéRA (Maison des astronomes), 2 place Le Verrier, 13004 Marseille
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